Thursday, 19 May 2011

about me?

i didn't know what  i should write for my first post, and i started with a love poem.lame.yeah, i know. let me start by telling you i'm a girl. and i'm a geek (yes its proven, because i took an online test and it says i'm a pure geek).to add in to my geekiness i collect cubes (not saying that cubers are geeks, but i am a geek). why? if you have RM let say 10 000. where is the first place you would go to? mine is lowyat. that's right. LOWYAT. or probably shop for things online. i like to read novels (mostly fantasy and fiction) 8B

<< playing pokemon gold on gameboy colour when i was 12

kelantanesse (mom). i was born there (******-03-****) my dad is from pahang. i have a brother younger and taller than me. i can't beat the crap out him now because he is also stronger than me T_T my mom watch too much desperate housewives. most resemblance is Gabby.

mama: Ati, sini.
me: yes maa....
mama: naik (pointing at the weighing machine)
me: errr....
mama: berapa?
me: 56 kg....
mama: YES...
me: why?
mama: i'm 54kg
me: T_T

no, i am not Juanita Solis.

i guess that's enough about me. i don't want to be giving away too much. who knows if your an acid splasher trying to get me. well, not saying that you are. but in a way i think i am saying that you are?? hmm...

what will my blog be about?
what i feel like posting. probably just random stuff. more poems? maybe. i'll try to make it interesting.
hopefully i can fill this blog with interesting facts and happy posts.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

a poem for you

There was a time I sat alone to watch the crying sky,
That was the time I came to know the world was not so kind,
And then you came and sat by me you grab my hand so tight,
And since that time I came to know the sky could be so bright,

When things get hard when things get tough,
We’ll know it’s not the weather,
When things aren’t easy and the roads quite rough,
We’ll know we have each other.